Door Hardware is Actually Jewelry For Your Entry

I know...crazy title! If you think about your entry any hardware you add to your door dresses it up or adds the jewelry. When I walk up to doors I see an array of door handles, door knockers, hinges, speakeasy's, clavos, etc. Some are the typical version and others are simply amazing.

What is amazing is that you can spend anywhere from $150 to $10,000 (really) for hardware depending on how fancy you want to get...just like that diamond ring you are contemplating. But just imagine when you walk up to a door and see "jewelry" that is different from the norm. Do you stand there and look at it for a bit before you ring that door bell? Does it make you smile? Does it say something about the person that lives in the house. Here are some examples of amazing hardware...who do you think lives behind that door?

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