Door Refinishing Our Specialty

We take doors seriously!

When we developed our business plan we had the opportunity to include painting, we chose not to. Painting houses, painting interiors, painting doors was not what we wanted to do and is better left to painters --that's their expertise. Also spreading ourselves thin by including painting would not allow us to give you the best result for your doors. Researching and developing the best practices and process to achieve excellence with wood finishing and refinishing was what we wanted to focus on.

Our expertise and the products that we develop is never ending. We stay up-to-date on new advances in wood staining and protection. We use "green" products as much as possible...and in that same vein you are choosing "green" whenever you choose to save your wood doors.

Your wood entry or other doors are a big investment. Choose a professional who specializes in wood finishing and refinishing to turn your damaged doors into the beautiful entry it once was. Choose Desert Rose Door refinishing so that it's done right the first time and so that you are only pleasantly surprised!

Door Refinishing in Arizona

Arizona, specifically the Phoenix area provides a very different environment for our wooden doors. Wood is still the best choice when choosing a door --even here in Arizona. It provides:
  • A beautiful welcome to your home.
  • Doesn't conduct the heat into the home like a metal door.
  • A surface that is easier to maintain then Fiberglass and Composite.

  • A surface that is changeable. You can choose to have your door stained darker, or a different color.
  • The door pictured here is one that our team did two years ago and is still in beautiful condition!

I mentioned Fiberglass and Composite above. Remember that those choices do not mean you will never have to maintain them. They fade and the finish breaks down on those just like wood. To refinish either of these is a different process then wood and for composite it is a several day process.

When your current door was installed the finish that was applied to the exterior may not have been the best choice for the conditions here in Arizona. Or, it may have been applied using a brush which may leave drips or runs on your beautiful door. Our refinishing method and products give your door more protection and our skilled craftsmen leave you with a door that is more like a beautiful piece of wood furniture then just a door. Remember your door is the first impression when someone is walking into your home. It should make a statement and provide a welcoming greeting.

If you are looking for someone to refinish your door, find someone who is going to do more then just sand it and then apply a finish with some stain mixed in. That method is not going to last under the conditions here in Arizona. To refinish your door properly, the door needs to be stripped all the way down to the wood surface. Just as if it came out of the door mill. If it is only sanded and the hardware isn't removed, then the finish applied will only be a temporary solution. The temporary solution may sound better for your budget, but in the long run and very shortly you will be spending money again to have it refinished properly.

Doors are a big investment for your home. The cost of replacing a door doesn't just include the door itself, it includes the delivery, removal of the old door, fitting the new door into your door space, and finishing. Plus the hassle of finding a new door (hoping it's the right size) and scheduling the installation. Refinishing your door is also an eco friendly solution, you are saving your wooden door rather then replacing it with another wood door. You are also not adding another large item to the landfill.

We know we can make your door beautiful again and we know that our expertise and products provide you with the best solution to saving your door. Hire Desert Rose Door's professional team to make the entry to your home beautiful again!