Happy Holiday's, Happy New Year, and Thank You!

We just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a  
Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year

Thank you to our wonderful customers who have allowed us to make their doors beautiful again!

Thank you to our employees for their hard work and dedication to making our customers happy this past year! Enjoy your time off!

Our business will be closed from December 25th through January 3, 2016. We'll be back to refinishing doors that leave you saying, is that really my old door? again on Monday, January 4, 2016. You are welcome to leave a voicemail so that we can begin calling you to set up estimates for Wednesday, January 6th.

Holiday Door Tradition in Germany Nikolaustag

I was browsing around pinterest and kept seeing boots with treats tucked inside placed outside of front doors. Yes, I was busy admiring and collecting doors again...

Since I am a curious person I clicked on a few and found that Germany has a special day for the holiday called,

holiday door traditionNikolaustag 
or St Nicholas Day

In Germany on December 6th, children put their shoe or boot outside the front door. The tradition says that St. Nicholas fills the shoes of all good kids with delicious treats and places twigs in the shoes of all naughty children...

Unfortunately I didn't find this until after December 6th, but you could create a new tradition in 2016 for your family and their shoes at the front door!

Holiday Wreath Dilemma

You have a beautiful door...

    you have a beautiful wreath....

A customer asked...

HELP! I don't want to put a nail in my door especially since I just had it refinished. How can I hang my wreath for the holiday?

There are two solutions:

First you can use the 3M hooks (removable), place one upside down on the interior side of your door, cut a silk ribbon long enough to loop through your wreath, and over the top edge of your door. If you want to get creative you could cut the ribbon long enough so that you could create a beautiful bow to hang on the interior side of the door as well.
Bow making ideas

christmas holiday wreath hanging tips

Or, with a very flat tack and some wide ribbon-- loop ribbon once again through wreath and tack to the top edge of the door. You'll have to make sure the tack is flat enough to allow the door to close without scraping the frame. You could add a thin piece of felt to top of tack so that it doesn't mar the frame.

Happy Holidays!

Beautiful Holiday Entry Door

Take a look at Pinterest and the "door" category will show you that people are in love with beautiful doors. On top of that people love to decorate their doors for holidays. A door is a blank canvas when it comes to decorating, but you will get the best results if your door is in great condition first. Desert Rose Door can provide an estimate for your door. The bonus is that when you take down your holiday decor your door will shine through even without the decorations. We specialize in making doors beautiful --call us today to schedule an appointment!