Holiday Wreath Dilemma

You have a beautiful door...

    you have a beautiful wreath....

A customer asked...

HELP! I don't want to put a nail in my door especially since I just had it refinished. How can I hang my wreath for the holiday?

There are two solutions:

First you can use the 3M hooks (removable), place one upside down on the interior side of your door, cut a silk ribbon long enough to loop through your wreath, and over the top edge of your door. If you want to get creative you could cut the ribbon long enough so that you could create a beautiful bow to hang on the interior side of the door as well.
Bow making ideas

christmas holiday wreath hanging tips

Or, with a very flat tack and some wide ribbon-- loop ribbon once again through wreath and tack to the top edge of the door. You'll have to make sure the tack is flat enough to allow the door to close without scraping the frame. You could add a thin piece of felt to top of tack so that it doesn't mar the frame.

Happy Holidays!

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